FBD-Ⅲ ICU hospital bed


Special   Allocation  and  Technical  Features

●Full  Length                                                223CM                                                      

●Full  Width                                                                                               

Including  the side rails                                105CM                                             

Without  the side rails                                  99CM                                                      

●Bed  base height range                                                          

Maximum  Height                                         0CM                                    

Minimum  Height                                         45CM                                             

●Patient  touching  surface 90*196CM                                               

●Bed  base angle position adjustable                                                    

Back  section  panel                                     0-75〫                                                   

Leg  section  panel                                       0-45〫                                    

Trendelenburg                                             0-10〫                                                    

Anti-Trendelenburg                                     0-10〫                                              

●Maximum  safe load                                  250kg                                                

● Diameter  of centrally control  silent  castor  12.5CM 

●Nurse Controlled

●Rail  Controller

●4 LINAK  electrical  motor

●Optional  I. V.pole

●Drainage  H ook

●Angle  Scale

●CPR   Handle

●Optional  mattress

●Detached  PP  head  and  foot  board   

●PP  side rail move with bedbase simultanceously  

●Top coat:cold-rolled steel tube

  Bed  frame: cold-rolled steel tube

  Bed  base: cold-rolled steel tube

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