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To our customers:


With your support and trust, to protect your interests and make you get better quality of service, our company here makes the following commitments:


First, the preparatory work before installation

1. The quality of the equipment provided by our brand is excellent and unused. The products have passed factory quality inspection. Packaging is good and suitable for long distance transport.

2. We will prepare the conditions of installation in writing to notify the end-user 20 days before shipment, after getting the delivery requirements by users, we will delivery on time.

Installation and test training

1.We provide on-site equipment installation and test guidance until the equipment is running properly.

2.We send senior technicians with 3 years above maintenance experience to arrange on-site training for customers to make sure that they can complete various system-related operations independently and fully understand notice on operation and routine default handle methods and guarantee users to operate the equipment skillfully and maintain it.

After-sales service within warranty period

1.We guarantee to provide one year after-sales service,guarantee time is calculated from the date of acceptance signature.During warranty,we will strictly comply with Chinese related laws and regulations to provide”three guarantees” after-sales service,unless otherwise contracted.

2.failure occurs during the warranty period from our equipment, we will be continuing to respond within 24 hours.The factory technicians provide on site service in two working days when receiving the information.Religion maintenance center provide on-site service within 24 hours,and provide continuous maintenance till to default is wholly drawn out and the equipment works in ordinary condition.

3.We have set up or entrusted a permanent resident maintenance organizations in China to handle all the maintenance service with a full-time,more than three years relevant work experience technical personnel.An adequate supply of spare parts need to fully meet users’ security need.And When entrusting permanent resident organizations to undertake maintenance services,we will provide the relevant documents legally binding.

Address:235#Changyang Road,Hongkou,Shanghai,China