JT-2A Image multi-purpose operating table


This multi-functional operating table is used for operations and examination of thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, orthopaedics, cerebral surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology and urinaru surgery.


There is a shelf fixed under the table. Cassette is put on the shelf and adjusted to theradiography position, then X -ray radiography is taken. The mattress is made of foam polyurethane. The bottom seat is movable and can be locked.


Using the imported air-spring, the table has got the best position for clinical uses with its unique electric hydropneumatic technology and is convenient to operate, so it is helpful to improve operation efficiency of doctors.

Optional sliding type

Optional forked leg plate

Technique Date



Size of   Mesa


Angle   regulation range of front plate

upper   folder≥35° lower folder≥40° disengagable

Angle   regulation range of leg plate

 lower   folder≥90° disengagable

Angle   regulation range of back plate

upper   folder≥42° lower folder≥5°

Angle   regulation range of mesa

front   rake≥20° back rake≥515° left rake≥15° right rake≥15°

Lift of   Waist Section


The lowest   height mesa to the floor


Lift of   tabletop


Rated load   weight of mesa


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